Leserstimmen zu The Making of Reality

The Making of Reality is a comprehensive and enjoyable exploration of the profound connections between new physics and the role of consciousness. It takes complex concepts and makes them understandable.”

William Buhlman, author of “Adventures Beyond the Body”

“This is Jörg Starkmuth’s first book. It will be a very hard act to follow. The Making of Reality does everything a good book should: informs, entertains, delights, amuses, excites and keeps you turning the pages.”

Hugh Featherstone

“Excellent clarity and brilliant presentation on the subject of reality, consciousness and the workings of the mind. A must for anyone wanting to understand or transform their own life.”

Vincent Sinniah, Toronto

“Thank you for bringing, or actually opening up a fresh perspective through your words to the reader. I was entranced by the well-roundedness of the presentation you offer. Laced with antiquity, yet holding the flavour of where our society and world stand … Again, thank you for helping me find another answer (perspective) to the puzzle …”

Keith Randall

“The content is fascinating, and I must tell you, this is the best translation to English I have ever read; it is really perfect and reads very naturally – wow! It’s really great – you nailed the language!”

Steve Shultis

“I thoroughly enjoyed your book. I have read just about all the English-language texts you cite, and even so I believe you have added something significant to the discussion.”

Andy Feehan, Mussy-sur-Seine, France